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  • Eva Aldea

some other register - Anna Johnson

We are excited to publish our first finished contribution, a poem by Anna Johnson on motherhood and diagnostic spaces. some other register is a beautiful piece that showcases the diverse forms and modalities of responses to our question "How does writing affect our relationship with writing?" that we hope to publish.

Anna says "I began working on the poem some other register in an attempt to excavate a different meaning from an essay text I wrote a few years ago on the themes of motherhood, neurodiversity, diagnostic spaces and writing."

Anna Johnson is a writer, lecturer and mother who lives in East London. Anna is currently undertaking a PhD in Creative Writing at Kingston University.

Their writing practice deals with the complexity and ambivalence of early motherhood and its intersections with (parent/child) neurodiversity and chronic illness (amongst many other things).

(Image credit: Jeremy Simon)


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