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  • Eva Aldea

...but she can't be bothered.

First, a big thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in Dx: Diagnosis and Writing. We have a number of contributors working away at the moment, and are excited to soon be able to share some amazing projects with you.

I wasn’t going to be an active participant in this project. I was merely going to call, and collect, and curate. But in no small part through the things I learned from doing that, I myself arrived at a diagnosis.

As a teaser for the much more interesting and coherent reflections on diagnoses and writing coming soon, here are a few moments from a talk about my recent ADHD diagnosis through reflections on some short passages from the novel I wrote some years ago. (CC available).

If you are interested in contributing to Dx: Diagnosis and Writing, the call for paper is currently open for general abstracts. Sign up to our email list for updates on specific calls in the future.


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